Only Peaceful Dialog Can End The Ukrainian Conflict

The Victory Day demonstration with the participation of members of the Green Party in Homel has led to a distorted perception on Ukrainian events. To eliminate all possible speculation, the news agency "PostMedia" asked for comment directly from the Party Chairman Oleg Novikov.

"It must be admitted that there is no consensus in the Belarusian Green Party about the nature of the current political regime in Ukraine. This is largely due to the highly dynamic social processes.  On the other hand there is a clear consensus among party members about the steps needed to overcome the crisis in Ukraine. This cessation of hostilities, the disbanding of all radical groups under any banners or ribbons, the recognition that all parties to the conflict need to preserve the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the country and its democratic prospects. The Belarusian Greens support exclusively peaceful dialogue and an end to armed confrontation in our brother country."

Recall that the Belarusian Green Party strictly adheres to the principle of non-violence in resolving both internal and international conflicts.