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A Different Opposition is Possible

Among other things, the letter states : "In 2015, Belarus will elect a President for the fifth time. The so-called crisis of the Belarusian model of development and the lack of new economic solutions by the authorities has led to increased electoral demand for an alternative political force capable of effectively implementing reforms, but at the same time to preserve its social guarantees. In this situation, the upcoming presidential elections represent an opportunity for all organizations under the left wing of the political spectrum."

"However, we should recognize that our resources are limited. Together we can realize a full-scale campaign to strengthen the position of the left-wing forces and ideas in the Belarusian society, as well as provide a platform for further active political struggle . Moreover, cooperation between our organizations will create a brand new political Belarusian opposition that voters want to see"- the authors note.

Greens propose the following work plan : " The first step in its formation should be Congress left forces , which we propose to convene in September 2014 . The main theme of the Congress will be nominating a single candidate of the left parties and independent trade unions . "