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Edward Snowden, Wecome to Belarus

The Green Party has appealed to the government of the Republic of Belarus to give political asylum to Edward Snowden.

In an open letter on behalf of the Belarusian Green Party chapter, we urge the authorities to promptly consider whether to give political asylum to the former NSA worker Edward Snowden, who is currently hiding from prosecution by U.S. authorities.

Everybody is aware of the reasons for this persecution. Edward Snowden told about the working methods of U.S. intelligence. Their agents for over 10 years have tracked the correspondence of his countrymen and many citizens of the world.

His actions demonstrate the personal moral qualities Edward Snowden, who performed an essential civic duty, demanding the authorities to respect constitutional rights. To expose the techniques of espionage Snowden sacrificed a good job ($200,000 per year), home, family, risked his future and his freedom. In our opinion the provision of political asylum in Belarus to Snowden will be a sincere act of support for decent and honest man, an indication that the international policy of Belarus is based on ethical principles.

This move would also help to strengthen the authority of Belarus among all progressive people on the planet. We also recall that the Belarusian government, under the provisions of the Constitution, guarantees the protection of private space of their citizens, including from outside interference. The presence in our country of such a distinguished expert in the field as Edward Snowden could help develop protection against the penetration of foreign intelligence services in the privacy of the Belarusians.