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For Minsk, A Street to Honor Mandela

Belarusian Party "The Greens" offers Minsk City Council of Deputies to consider that one of the streets of Minsk to be named for the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize and the first President of South Africa (RSA ), the famous fighter for human rights - Nelson Mandela.

On December 5, 2013, at the age of 96, Mandela, one of the most prominent human rights activists, the Nobel Peace Prize winner and the first black president of South Africa, died. This the great man who defeated apartheid.

He lived a long life, including 27 years in prison dungeons, but he remained true to the ideal of a just society in which all citizens live in harmony and have equal opportunities regardless of the color of their skin.

"No one is born hating another person because of color, creed or religion" - claimed Nelson Mandela. People learn to hate , and if they can learn to hate , we must try to teach love, because love is much closer to the human heart."

And these were not just words. Many were astonished by his ability to forgive those who ill-treated him. Sure, it honors eventually allowed to achieve civil peace in South Africa after the apartheid regime fell , and together begin to fight poverty - this is really " scourge " of Third World countries .

After leaving the presidency in 1999, Mandela became perhaps the most influential of all South African Goodwill Ambassadors . He dealt with problems of AIDS and was one of the significant figures , through which South Africa won the right to host World Cup in 2010 .

Belarus  and South Africa have the most cordial relations. Diplomatic relations between the two countries were established in March 1993. However, the basis for these relations was laid during the Soviet era, as the USSR was known to be one of the main opponents of the system of racial segregation that prevailed in South Africa in the postwar period .

Now, after the death of this great man , according to the Belarusian Party "The Greens" , all we can do for him is to remember his life and remember his feats. And we are convinced that he is worthy of his name got one of the streets in Minsk, as well as convinced that this initiative necessarily support the citizens of Minsk.

Nelson Mandela is an unconditional moral authority for all who do not accept social injustice, economic inequality, all forms of exploitation of man by man  For all who are willing to follow Mandela repeat that "to be free is not just to throw off the shackles, but to live respecting and enhancing the freedom of others."

The street renaming would also serve to strengthen ties between South Africa and Belarus. "South Africa expresses its wish to take our bilateral relations to a strategic level . And in turn we affirm that we will do everything that these plans have been implemented , "- said Deputy Foreign Minister of Belarus Valentin Rybakov during the delegation's visit to Belarus South Africa in November 2013 . In our view, the appearance on the map of the capital of the Republic of Belarus street named after the "father of the South African nation," as he called Mandela a valid South African President Jacob Zuma, will serve as the implementation of these plans better than any words .

 Press service of the Belarusian Green Party